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Welcome to Braintree!

Braintree District is situated in the north of Essex. We cover some 61,168 Ha (236 square miles) of largely rural land, and we have a population of approximately 142,100 (2008 estimate). We are one of England`s largest districts, with three growing market towns, Halstead, Braintreeand Witham, and surrounding rural areas dotted with more timber framed buildings than anywhere else in the country. For example Bradford Street in Braintree is one of the oldest recorded streets and Cressing Temple Barns date back to 13th century.

Since this time, much has changed, the UK has developed a reliance on fuel combustion to power vehicles for speed, convenience and supply of consumables. In Braintree there is the major A12 to the South East of the district and the A120 through the middle of the District (West to East). The Witham road from Braintree to Witham is one of the busiest minor roads in Essex.

Braintree District Council recognises its duty to manage air quality as part of the Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) regime. To date the Council has not declared an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) but continues to monitor nitrogen dioxide levels close to busy roads and streets. An AQMA would have to be declared where pollutant levels exceed the set objective levels. The Council also regulates 80 polluting processes to control emissions to air. These range from small dry cleaners to larger foundries and galvanising processes. Each year air quality reports are sent to DEFRA and are available for public view on this website.

Braintree District Council actively promotes health and wellbeing and a clean and green environment. Increasing traffic flows on the busier roads results in more pollution and we encourage everyone to do their bit to improve their environment.

On Braintree District Council’s website, the Leisure and Heritage section has information on Health and Wellbeing. Consider alternatives to using the car. There is information on cycling (cycle routes, scenic cycleways, planned cycle events, becoming a cycleway ranger and Bikeability (Cycling Proficiency Test for 21st Century).  There is also information on Walks (Heart and Sole planned walks which is an accredited scheme).

On the Council’s Environment page, the climate change section details the Council’s Climate change strategy. This page has useful information about Green transport with links on alternative transport, car sharing, green travel plans and green driving.

Braintree District Council has also adopted powers to fine drivers who leave their engines running.

We are interested to hear any ideas on how air quality could be improved or any ideas or comments relating to air quality which you might have.  Explore the rest of the website and the links and see what you think!

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