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Low Forecast icon Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022
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Welcome to Brentwood

The Borough of Brentwood is situated in the southwest of Essex and is a pleasant, busy town situated within the Metropolitan Green Belt. Apart from its urban heart, the Borough of Brentwood has about 3,000 acres (about 1,215 hectares) of woodland, yet it is only 18 miles from London. There are a number of major roads in Brentwood including the M25, A12, A128, A1023 and A129.

As a result of the 2010 progress report, we intend to: closely monitor NO2 concentrations measured at diffusion tube sites at the junction of High Street and Kings Road in Brentwood to identify the need to proceed to a Detailed Assessment for annual mean NO2 once traffic calming measures and a new slip road have been introduced.

Did you know that:

The previous and current headquarters of Amstrad are located in Brentwood. UK TV show The Apprentice used overhead views of One Canada Square and the Canary Wharf business complex in London as an accompaniment to interior shots of the previous Amstrad offices.

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