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This is Harlow!

The District of Harlow is located in west of Essex. It is a "new" town and the area forms part of the London commuter belt. The total area covered by the Council is just over 30km2, with a population of approximately 78,000.

The main employment in the area is service related, although there is some industry, mainly located at Templefields to the north and the Pinnacles to the northwest. The town has two railway stations (on the West Anglia main line) and is near the M11 motorway for access to London and the rest of the country. Harlow also has one of the most extensive cycle track networks in the country, connecting the town centre and industrial areas.

The town centre and many of its neighbourhood shopping facilities have, in recent years, undergone major redevelopment, and many of the original town buildings and industrial units have been rebuilt. There are around 30 minor industrial processes that are regulated by the Council (although the O-I glassworks is actually quite big) and five larger industrial processes regulated by the Environment Agency. Most of which are located in the two main industrial areas in the town, Templefields (to the North), and the Pinnacles (to the Northwest). Traffic emissions are the most significant source of air pollution in Harlow. The main roads in the District are the M11 and the A414. Our review and assessments to date have not identified any areas of concern or any need to declare an air quality management area.

Did you know....?

The town centre is notable as being the location of Britain`s first pedestrian precinct and first residential tower block.

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