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Welcome to Rochford

Rochford District Council covers an area of approximately 65 square miles and is predominantly rural in nature. It has two main urban centres - Rochford and Rayleigh – and is part of the Thames Gateway South Essex Partnership. Rochford, Rayleigh and Hockley havemain line stations to Southend and London (which is less than an hour away) and Rochford is also home to London Southend Airport and its own main line station.

Rochford District Council declared an Air Quality Management Area for particulate matter at Rawreth Industrial Estate, Rayleigh in June 2010. This was subsequently revoked in March 2013 following measured improvements during 2011/2012.

Levels of Nitrogen Dioxide arising from vehicle emissions are monitored using a continuous analyser for 6 months every year in High Street, Rayleigh. There are also 10 diffusion tubes measuring Nitrogen Dioxide at 8 locations in the towns of Rochford and Rayleigh.


The town is the main settlement in the Rochford district, and takes its name from Rochefort, Old English for Ford of the Hunting Dogs. The River Roach was originally called the Walfleet (Creek of the Foreigners). It was renamed the Roach in what is known as a back formation. This is where it is assumed that Rochford means ford overthe River Roach so they renamed the river to fit the theory.

Air Quality Action Plan Consultation

We are now carrying out a consultation regarding the actions to be included in the AQAP and would like your views. The AQAP is available at the link below and has been developed in partnership with Essex County Council and specialist advisors.

The actions are summarised in 6 priority areas and contain:
•a list of the actions that form part of the plan;
•the responsible departments/organisations who will deliver the action;
•expected benefit in terms of pollutant emission and/or concentration reduction;
•the timescale for implementation; and
•how progress will be monitored.

The consultation will be run from Monday 28th November 2016 to Tuesday 3rd January 2017 and can be found at

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