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With the M11, A120 and Stansted Airport within the District, the principle sources of air pollution are transport related with nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particles (known as PM10). The Council has been monitoring levels of air quality for over 20 years and has two permanent continuous monitoring stations in Saffron Walden. We also have a network of passive diffusion tubes which provide a general indicator of pollution levels averaged out over monthly periods.

Although pollution levels can be quite high very close to the motorway and the airport it is in those areas where people live near to narrow congested streets, such as in the historic centre of Saffron Walden, where air pollution from nitrogen dioxide is of most concern. One large area in the centre of the town has been declared an air quality management area (AQMA) because nitrogen dioxide levels close to people’s homes have been at levels in excess of the government annual average standard for this pollutant. This means that particular attention has to be paid to the air quality impact of potential developments in and around these areas and also that an action plan has been developed in partnership with the County Council to look at ways of reducing congestion and improving traffic flows.

In common with many other market towns with growing populations, Saffron Walden suffers from traffic congestion and associated air pollution, representing a serious public health challenge.

The Council last produced an Air Quality Action Plan in 2017 to tackle poor air quality outlining measures aimed at improving air quality in Saffron Walden over the life of the plan. 


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