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About Essex Air

Photo of Essex In 1995, as a result of the Government publication "Meeting the Challenge", and the aspirations of local government to undertake more local air quality work in Essex, the Essex Air Quality Consortium was formed.


Consisting of all Local Authorities in Essex, Essex County Council, the Environment Agency, London Stansted Airport and the University of Essex, the purpose of the Essex Air Quality Consortium is to promote improvements in air quality related issues.

Members of the Essex Air Quality Consortium meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss common air quality issues, share experiences and best practice in carrying out their duties locally. The partnership provides assistance to all members regarding their obligations under current UK Air Quality legislation.

Air pollution does not respect Borough boundaries and in Essex the Local Authorities are varied in size and population. Therefore the effective options related to individual Borough activity are limited. All Essex Authorities have agreed to work in partnership with each other to seek joint solutions to air pollution problems.

This website contains information about the activities and work undertaken by the Essex Air Quality Consortium and also provides a medium for delivering the latest information to the public.

Achievements so far

  • Sharing of Air Quality Monitoring data since 1995
  • A partnership approach has been developed and undertaken for the delivery of the Updating Screening and Assessment and Annual Progress Reports to DEFRA
  • The Essex Air Quality Consortium have been able to represent the people of Essex at a regional and national level through Air Quality Events and Meetings. The group have been able to offer its views and comments on current air quality requirements and any future consultations being considered.

Future Aims

The profile of Air Quality in Essex is changing and is becoming more challenging. Due to the declaration of an increasing number of Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) and as a result of increased traffic growth and congestion, the Consortium is working much more closely with the Local Transport Authority in Essex County Council to seek improvements to Air Quality where possible.